Coming home

You will be amazed when you come home to your body. I certainly was!

In your body there is stillness.

There is peace.

You experience a deep sense of belonging. 

Many of us live outside of our bodies.

Do you recognise the human ”head-fotter”? Thinking and worrying about the future (or being suck in the past) and running around to achieve everything NOW. The body is considered a vessel and it shall work. 

The problem is that one day it doesn´t anymore. You have problem sleeping or waking up way to early, the back is aching and there is a pressure over the chest. When somebody is talking to you in an unfriendly way you might loose temper and lash out. Some of us simply shut down and leave. Not holding your position and setting clear boundaries. Even if you remembered how to you don´t have the energy left to do it. 

I´ll help you find the way back to you. With body, thinking mind and all. 

My tools are yoga, mindfulness coaching and deeply healing sessions. They are all working slowly over time building a new foundation for your life. Being at home in you. 

At home in the body after a full week of yoga and meditation on Crete.
Home at last

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